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About Us


We endeavor to be the most preferred business solutions provider in areas such as leadership, management consulting as well as training provision across the African continent by focusing on best of breed internationally adopted quality standards at competitive prices.


Our mission is to provide unmatched business performance improvement services that have a direct positive impact on organisational profitability, efficiency and effectiveness. We endeavour to provide solutions that are tailored to address specific needs that our customers may have.


  • To build professional working relationships with our clients and business partners.
  • To build a brand known for providing excellent service.
  • To provide organisations with tools and mechanisms they can use to not only meet but surpass the expectations of their stakeholders.
  • To provide support to learners and managers before, during and after our interventions.
  • To challenge learners to achieve their personal development goals and maximise their own potential.


  • Creativity and Innovation
    We are innovative in the manner in which we create and deliver our products and services using cutting edge methodologies.

  • Integrity and Professionalism
    We value our name and brands and as such we deploy our services in the most professional manner with utmost professionalism.

  • Quality and Reliability
    We pride ourselves as trendsetters in terms of quality of services as well as reliability of our solutions.


Vumilia Africa Group prides itself on the quality of its staff who have proven track record of performance in the areas of their expertise be it consulting, course facilitation or project management. All our fulltime and part time facilitators and partners have experience in facilitating all the programs that we specialise in. They have facilitated across the continent of Africa and in some cases globally. We pride ourselves as having very helpful and courteous administrative support staff to ensure that our customers have seamless enjoyable service.






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